5/15/2024German Record Critics' Award
Two releases from the Galileo portfolio have been honoured by the German Record Critics' Award in the Best List 2/2024. The Portuguese singer and composer Lina was honoured by the jury in the World Music category with her album "Fado Camões". In the Traditional Ethnic Music category, the Aga Khan Master Musicians came out on top with Nowruz from the Smithsonian Folkways label. The Christof Sänger Trio with "At Iruma Jazzclub" (Laika), Javier Ruibal with "Saturno Cabaret" (Karonte) and Trio ClariNoir with "Mozart's Night Train" (GP Arts) also made it onto this quarter's longlist.
5/2/2024Nominations for the German Record Critics' Award
Portuguese singer Lina's latest album has been nominated in two categories of the German Record Critics' Award Best List 2/2024. "Fado Camões" was selected for the longlist of the World Music jury and the Traditional Ethnic Music jury. Javier Ruibal and "Saturno Cabaret" and Aga Khan Master Musicians and "Nowruz" are two other releases from the Galileo programme that have also been nominated.
4/30/2024Nancy Vieira in the World Music Charts
With her new album "Gente", Nancy Vieira is represented in the current top lists of the Transglobal World Music Charts and the World Music Charts Europe. Her music tells the stories, dreams and longings of the people of Cape Verde. With her clear and direct voice, she represents a new generation of Cape Verdean artists with a sound full of subtleties and harmonic twists.
4/2/2024Lina at number 1 in the Transglobal World Music Charts
After her new album "Fado Camões" reached the top of the World Music Charts Europe last month, Lina is now also at the top of the Transglobal World Music Charts. Her latest work is both new and familiar. The simple elegance of the recent past is still there, but gives her voice more room to stand out amidst a silence of piano and guitar. The album has been released on CD, vinyl and all the usual streaming portals.

This is the story of Sverre Indris Joner from Oslo, Norway, bringing his musician colleagues from the band Hovedøen Social Club to play his intriguing salsa-arrangements of the classics with the Cuban opera orchestra at the National Theater in Havana. He's about to "sell sand in the Sahara" – showing Cubans how to play salsa, to turn the great classics of Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms into authentic Cuban music. How? And, maybe more importantly, why? And... can this go well? Joner started his «genre-detour» at 15, with Reggae, West-African Highlife and Afrobeat, and the seductive complexity of African rhythms led him to explore the African roots in Latin America. In 1985, he went on a study-trip to Havana with some friends. This encounter left a deep impression. Back in Norway, he formed Norway's first salsa band, La Descarga, insisting that all Norwegians should appreciate this rich music traditions from Cuba.

He got the idea of writing unlikely genre-transformed music. With his quartet Tango for 3, everything from ABBA to Grieg was turned into Argentine tango. The recipe was re-used when he formed the band Hovedøen Social Club, creating authentic sounding cuban salsa out of Norwegian pop-music. The famous Munchner Rundfunk Orchestra and the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra KORK recordet his «cubanized» arrangements of the great classics. When the recordings went viral on YouTube, Cuban national television bought the program and it's regularly shown since then. The album hits #1 on Mexican World Music charts MixUp.

Suddenly the opportunity arose for Sverre and his fellow musicians to travel to Cuba and play "Clasicos a lo cubano" with the opera-orchestra in Havana. Sounds like fun, but problems arise and line up in a queue - much like what the Cubans themselves have to deal with. So they experiences some genuine Cuban frustration. Challenges were everything from instruments breaking down or not existing, aircondition failing and rain pooring into the theatre, Even the legendary concert hall El Gran Teatro Alicia Alonso broke down! And of course, plenty of «latin timing» - aka the absence of punctuality. But everything didn´t go wrong – thankfully! The joy of playing seen among the musicians was priceless. When members of the orchestra spontaneously stood up and danced during rehearsals the good vibes started. The swaying, the smiles and the joy were the payoff. Finally it was on the right track!

In all his enthusiasm, Joner took on the role of host during the concert - in Spanish - with a bit of humor to break the ice. What could go wrong? Quite a lot actually...It was a make it or break it. Luckily they made it quite well, telling from the audience's cheers and applause throughout the concert, and even the laughter, fortunately coming at the right places after the quirky comments between the music!

Joner´s hope for recognition in Cuba, the birthplace of the genres he had spent so much time and effort acquiring, was a significant driving-force behind the whole project. The musicians expressing heartfelt gratitude for being part of the project was the confirmation he had hoped for; that he, the «gringo», not only had cracked the Afro-cuban «claves-code" but also given a musical contribution that was highly appreciated.

Maria João / André MehmariAlgodãoRelease datum: 7/19/2024Cat-Nr: GMC111
Xabier DíazAxúdame A SentirRelease datum: 7/12/2024Cat-Nr: MSAAS02

Xabier Díaz & Adufeiras de Salitre present their new album on a tour that will begin on March 9 in Vigo and will expand to the peninsula starting in April. The singles “Rumboia Viva” and “Maneo Náufrago” show a piece of the essence of what will be Xabier Díaz's seventh album that will be released on March 1, 2024; and will be available on all digital listening platforms and to purchase in physical stores.

The album can be obtained in the online store at www.xabierdiaz.com and there will also be a special edition of a pack for the first 180 people who buy the album with the bottle of Fillas D.O. wine; a limited edition white Ribeiro. For its part, tickets for the tour can also be purchased on the musician's website and at the physical ticket offices of theaters and auditoriums. “Axúdame a Sentir” is a work in collaboration with Adufeiras do Salitre and in which musicians of various kinds will participate, giving rise to a set of songs that hide the purest feeling, the one that Xabier cherishes when he remembers his grandmother Obdulia. "one of many professors without a degree in this famous university of life." A tour that, as Xabier points out, “is a reason for double celebration to travel with a new album and to meet again with audiences with whom we have been sharing music in recent years; Zamora, Bilbao, León, Asturies... faces that are becoming known, others that are new... We feel immensely grateful for being able to take our proposal to so many places and see how the number of converts from Ferreña grows.

We already discovered a couple of previews of “Axúdame a Sentir”. Behind the first single “Rumboia viva” hides what seems to be one esmorga/party after another, a kind of dance hangover that is cured with more dancing, a foliage at the end of the world… inspiration that led Xabier Díaz to create in his imagination “a woman, a toucher and lover of esmorgas, loved by everyone and all the foliadeiras, a goddess, a queen of trad who falls in love with those who listen to her.”

“Maneo Náufrago” is presented as the second single from this new album with a video clip in collaboration with Fran Sieira, who with his dance shows the strength, the feeling of the piece, the strength of it. A mixture where the melody of the couplets is a work of Seaia (Malpica de Bergantiños), the narrative (almost of a Chavelian heartbreak) was the guide to build the chorus and the instrumental bridges in a way of doing typical of Xabier Díaz who points out that it is an “example of how I treat the music that I learned from our elders: borrowing a melodic motif that leads me to develop the rest of the piece.”

On this path of “Help me to feel”, Xabier Díaz had the privilege of getting in tune with a wonderful and virtuous team. A Galician mix that found the exotic essence of an Argentinean from Tucumán, Manu Sija, who infused some guitar recordings that Xabier made and which he turned into something brilliant, in addition to adding some touches with his violins, bass and keyboard. A fresh air in the form and intention of making music that combines perfectly with that of Pedro Pascual, a producer with whom he has worked since the last two albums and who surprises in each new piece, hitting the exact key in each chord. . A symbiosis of essentials, among which are the usual musicians: Roberto Grandal (accordions) and Iván Costa (hurdy-gurdy) who are joined by a violin virtuoso, Cibrán Seixo. This album also features the participation of a prodigious voice that comes from Asturias: Marta Elola. After promising a theme from there in their land, a collaboration is born offering a version of the traditional Ramo de Borbolla from the eastern north of Asturias.


The Estrelas Parade in the Eirís neighborhood of A Coruña heard the first muiñeiras played by Xabier Díaz (A Coruña, 1969) on a bagpipe that his music-loving maternal grandfather wanted to buy him in the 80s. the arrival of . He was part of the famous, mythical and now extinct group Berrogüetto between 2008 and 2014. At the same time, he participated with Guadi Galego, Xosé Lois Romero and Guillerme Fernández in the aCadaCanto project, with which they published two albums. More
Mayte MartínTatuajesRelease datum: 7/12/2024Cat-Nr: NM15935

"TATUAJES" is the name of the new album by the singer MAYTE MARTÍN that, with a quartet format (voice, piano, double bass and drums), includes immortal titles from a repertoire that we all treasure in our memory. That versatility of hers that sometimes immerses her in other sound landscapes that have nothing to do with flamenco, allows us to see and hear her recreating a collection of true hits that form and will forever be part of the legacy of universal music. The emotional journey that this reunion harbors with the eternal songs that it releases here, gives this experience - based on the homage to those who gave life to these great works - an exquisite aroma full of nuances and color.

  • Mayte Martín, voz y dirección musical
  • Nelsa Baró, piano y arreglos
  • Guillermo Prats, contrabajo
  • Vicens Soler, batería
Josemi GarzónAblaRelease datum: 7/26/2024Cat-Nr: KAR7896
  • Personal:
  • Josemi Garzón. Contrabajo
  • Juanma Barroso Bat/Percusión
  • Germán Kucich Piano
  • Román Filiu Saxo/Flauta
  • Carmen Linares. Cante
  • Lucía Espín. Cante
  • Teresa Hernández. Cante
  • La Jose. Cante