7/2/2024Atse Tewodros Projekt in den World Music Charts Europe
Gabriella Ghermandi's Atse Tewodros Project entered the World Music Charts Europe at number five with her album "Maqeda". In her project, the singer and author combines Ethiopian traditions with jazz influences. She dedicates her album to female figures of different origins by bringing together Italian and Ethiopian musicians for a mutual dialog.
7/1/2024Anna Setton zu Gast auf dem Bardentreffen 2024
The artist, singer-songwriter and instrumentalist from São Paulo will be presenting her latest album at the Bardentreffen in Nuremberg on July 27. With "O Futuro é Mais Bonito" (The Future is More Beautiful), Anna Setton presents her third album with musicians from the new ranks of Música Popular Brasileira. The singer-songwriter's voice is laid over the modern and discreet instrumentation - playful, bright, experienced, transparent and yet always at the center.
5/15/2024German Record Critics' Award
Two releases from the Galileo portfolio have been honoured by the German Record Critics' Award in the Best List 2/2024. The Portuguese singer and composer Lina was honoured by the jury in the World Music category with her album "Fado Camões". In the Traditional Ethnic Music category, the Aga Khan Master Musicians came out on top with Nowruz from the Smithsonian Folkways label. The Christof Sänger Trio with "At Iruma Jazzclub" (Laika), Javier Ruibal with "Saturno Cabaret" (Karonte) and Trio ClariNoir with "Mozart's Night Train" (GP Arts) also made it onto this quarter's longlist.
5/2/2024Nominations for the German Record Critics' Award
Portuguese singer Lina's latest album has been nominated in two categories of the German Record Critics' Award Best List 2/2024. "Fado Camões" was selected for the longlist of the World Music jury and the Traditional Ethnic Music jury. Javier Ruibal and "Saturno Cabaret" and Aga Khan Master Musicians and "Nowruz" are two other releases from the Galileo programme that have also been nominated.
VagabundZephyrusRelease datum: 8/9/2024Cat-Nr: GPARTS018
Vagabond - they are on the move, they wander, pitch their tents up and down, linger here and there, always searching, searching for...? They let themselves be inspired, blown around, driven by Zephyrus, the mild and at the same time persistent spring wind that drives them through countries, cultures and worlds, making the search the actual goal. Their roots lie in klezmer music. But the klezmer classics Dorohoi Khusidl and Odessa Bulgar, the album's opening and closing tracks, merely show them as learning parents who recognize that their children are going their own way, breaking away from traditional guidelines and becoming seekers themselves. Rousing, driving, touching. The band came together in 2019 while studying at the Lübeck University of Music under the direction of lecturer, clarinettist and conductor Prof. Bernd Ruf. Since then, Johanna Bechtel, Lina Gronemeyer, Sophie Kockler, Timon Krämer, Hannes Pries and Freddy Schlender have spent a large part of their varied musical paths together, effortlessly combining seemingly contradictory styles and thus exploiting the full potential of their different influences. More
Carmen SouzaCais D'Port InglêsRelease datum: 6/28/2024Cat-Nr: DENO2-24-10803
Cais D'Port Inglês is the first single of the new album Port 'Ingles by Carmen Souza, which will be released in September 2024 and which had the influence of the British with their presence on the music of Cape Verde. a morna that tells of the various moorings on the many islands that experienced this British presence, where the waves of the sea brought cultural influences, diversity and customs, but also transported a part of Cape Verde to the world. More
Camilla BarbaritoCargo Sentimento Popolare D'AssaltoRelease datum: 8/16/2024Cat-Nr: FY8291
The Italian singer Camilla Barbarito presents songs from her homeland and outside Italy. Carefully selected songs full of warmth and character that draw on their respective countries of origin and make people all over the world cry and dance. Songs that comfort, call to work or invite you to dream, sincere songs that come from the heart. . With her third album, the singer continues her path along Italian and internationally influenced world music. Her repertoire includes a mixture of Italian folk songs blended with West African, Balkan and folkloric sounds, as well as new interpretations of folk songs from Albania, Iran, Portugal, Spain, France and Eastern Europe. More
Evaristo PérezIrisRelease datum: 8/23/2024Cat-Nr: TCB38002
This project presents a varied range of poetic, descriptive and colorful pieces; others more organic in their rhythm or texture. This aesthetic choice is influenced by my personal taste for 20th-century painting. I express this in various musical canvases united by the common thread of harmony – original compositions, repertoire pieces as well as free improvisations. My intention is to convey something broad, full in sound, sometimes with very few notes. In several pieces there is the idea that we can create a form of escape, like a thought in suspension – opening a door to the imagination. More
Andres Jimenez TrioNight & DayRelease datum: 8/16/2024Cat-Nr: TCB38202
The pieces on this album are partly standards from the Broadway repertoire like "Night & Day" or "But Beautiful". Others such as "Someday My Prince Will Come" or "Estate" were written later and became standards. Finally, the title “En La Orilla Del Mundo” comes from South American culture, to which I am very attached through my Hispanic roots. For me, these pieces have several points in common: strong and singular melodies, as well as harmonic frameworks that are sufficiently interesting and flexible to allow the jazzman that I am to express himself. My manner of interpreting these works is to stay quite close to the original composition, without artifice, while adding a personal touch. For the recording of this album, I wanted there to be spontaneity, so I decided to select pieces that we had never played together before. More
Su Rossy GirodThree TriosRelease datum: 8/16/2024Cat-Nr: TCB38102
As a musician, I feel a moral responsibility to perform the sound of real democracy on stage every time I have a chance. Musicians are in a privileged position to inspire everyone, showing how democracy works in real time. Democratic ways of decision making are in fact most efficient to solve all kinds of problems for any community or collective organization. Also, making sure that all constructive ideas are being heard and intelligent consensus is reached is a natural consequence of being a well-educated adult with a sense of responsibility and a meaningful social and private life. A good jazz band embodies this in every performance and the audience perceive it as “magic”. - Jorge Rossy More
Paul | The Urbanek TrioStandards Vol. 2Release datum: 8/9/2024Cat-Nr: SP2401
The Austrian pianist Paul Urbanek is a self-taught musician and has worked as a pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer on more than 100 albums by musicians such as Wolfgang Puschnig, Maria Pia de Vito, Linda Sharrock, Ornette Coleman, Simone Kopmajer and many more. When he met bassist Glen Fisher again after almost 30 years, there was an immediate feeling of familiarity and the idea of a joint project was born, to which Reinhardt Winkler, with whom Urbanek has been playing for more than 10 years, joined. The idea of the album was to return to their roots together and interpret a repertoire of standards and original compositions using their own jazz vocabulary and dialect. More