5/15/2024German Record Critics' Award
Two releases from the Galileo portfolio have been honoured by the German Record Critics' Award in the Best List 2/2024. The Portuguese singer and composer Lina was honoured by the jury in the World Music category with her album "Fado Camões". In the Traditional Ethnic Music category, the Aga Khan Master Musicians came out on top with Nowruz from the Smithsonian Folkways label. The Christof Sänger Trio with "At Iruma Jazzclub" (Laika), Javier Ruibal with "Saturno Cabaret" (Karonte) and Trio ClariNoir with "Mozart's Night Train" (GP Arts) also made it onto this quarter's longlist.
5/2/2024Nominations for the German Record Critics' Award
Portuguese singer Lina's latest album has been nominated in two categories of the German Record Critics' Award Best List 2/2024. "Fado Camões" was selected for the longlist of the World Music jury and the Traditional Ethnic Music jury. Javier Ruibal and "Saturno Cabaret" and Aga Khan Master Musicians and "Nowruz" are two other releases from the Galileo programme that have also been nominated.
4/30/2024Nancy Vieira in the World Music Charts
With her new album "Gente", Nancy Vieira is represented in the current top lists of the Transglobal World Music Charts and the World Music Charts Europe. Her music tells the stories, dreams and longings of the people of Cape Verde. With her clear and direct voice, she represents a new generation of Cape Verdean artists with a sound full of subtleties and harmonic twists.
4/2/2024Lina at number 1 in the Transglobal World Music Charts
After her new album "Fado Camões" reached the top of the World Music Charts Europe last month, Lina is now also at the top of the Transglobal World Music Charts. Her latest work is both new and familiar. The simple elegance of the recent past is still there, but gives her voice more room to stand out amidst a silence of piano and guitar. The album has been released on CD, vinyl and all the usual streaming portals.
Few artists have been as influential in the music industry across genres as the charming Chet Atkins, the first C.G.P. (Certified Guitar Player). This tribute, released in Chet's 100th year, certainly has the makings of a collector's item, as these extraordinary performers celebrate Chet's genius as a C.G.P., producer, songwriter and mentor to so many in the music world who were inspired by the one and only ‘Mr Guitar’. Featuring as Vince Gill, Tommy Emmanuel (CGP), Eric Clapton, Brad Paisley, Jerry Douglas, Ricky Skaggs, James Taylor, Alison Krauss, Charlie McCoy, Michael Cleveland, Bryan Sutton, Ashley Campbell, Brent Mason, Guthrie Trapp, Sierra Hull and vocalist Bradley Walker. More
‘Clasicos a lo Cubano’ is the story of Sverre Indris Joner from Oslo, who, together with his musicians from the Hovedøen Social Club, meets the Cuban Opera Orchestra to dedicate themselves to his salsa arrangements at the National Theatre in Havana. Sverre Indris Joner and his musicians succeed in creating a unique view of the Cuban music world. ‘Clasicos a lo Cubano’ captures the special atmosphere of a concert that overcame many imponderables and emerged directly from the centre of Cuban music with the musical ideas of a Norwegian. More
Xabier DíazAxúdame A SentirRelease datum: 7/12/2024Cat-Nr: MSAAS02
Xabier Díaz presents his seventh album ‘Axúdame A Sentir’ together with numerous musicians from the formation Adufeiras de Salitre. He dedicated the work to his grandmother Obdulia, for whose life he wanted to express his great admiration. The music on ‘Axúdame A Sentir’ invites you to dance and lets your imagination run wild. Xabier Díaz is inspired by traditional rhythms, which he uses to build instrumental bridges between his ideas and the listener. The strong influences from Galician music are mixed with exotic influences from all over the world. More
Mayte MartínTatuajesRelease datum: 7/12/2024Cat-Nr: NM15935
Mayte Martín's new album is entitled ‘Tatuajes’ and presents immortal tracks from a repertoire that immediately lingers in the memory. The singer and her quartet immerse themselves in a multi-layered soundscape that initially has nothing in common with flamenco. ‘Tatuajes’ is an emotional journey, a fusion of genres, a discourse with references from flamenco and bolero and a homage to great original works, to which she breathes an exquisite aroma of nuances and colours. More
Josemi GarzónAblaRelease datum: 7/26/2024Cat-Nr: KAR7896
Josemi Garzón presents his second album ‘Abla’. Together with his quintet, the double bassist demonstrates the sonic development of his career in an impressive way. From the perspective of jazz, he moves fluently and naturally through a wide variety of flamenco styles. The album is the result of a process that began with the search for a connection between musical and personal identities. Josemi Garzón's new album is a captivating journey to the melting point of flamenco and jazz. More
LiberdjangoA RamingoRelease datum: 7/19/2024Cat-Nr: VM3057
"A Ramingo" is the first CD by Liberjango, a project born in the heart of Romagna, where three musicians with jazz roots embarked on a musical journey in search of evocative melodies. True to their name, this trio skillfully navigates through timeless compositions of legends like Astor Piazzolla and Django Reinhardt, also paying homage to Italian composers like Ennio Morricone. These compositions have all been meticulously rearranged to fit the trio's style, and a portion of the repertoire is written by the trio members themselves. The result is a poetic odyssey, rich with a distinctive European flavor. More
Andreas VaradySunriseRelease datum: 4/26/2024Cat-Nr: Q2402
Quinton presents the second album from the JAZZ CATS OF TOMORROW edition, which personally introduces the winners of the Ö1 Jazz Scholarship of the JAM MUSIC LAB PRIVATE UNIVERSITY. Winner of the scholarship for the year 2023 is exceptional talent guitarist Andreas Varady. This recording - a powerful document that fulfils the promise of its prize - shows exactly what we heard during the audition: It's the spirited romp of an adventurous spirit, carried by bandmates united in their quest: Danny Grissett (piano), Douglas Weiss (bass), Adrian Varady (drums), Bernhard Wiesinger (saxophone). The overall effect of these originals and standards proves that Varady has a significant voice. The son of Hungarian gypsy descent, who grew up in Slovakia and Ireland and was educated in jazz, brings fresh blood to a constantly evolving soundscape. Only 10 years after his debut, Varady now offers us SUNRISE. Call it the dawn of a vibrant new talent. More
Jaune ToujoursDimanche - Radio EditRelease datum: 6/14/2024Cat-Nr: CHOU2409
In a world that feels increasingly fast-paced and fraught with challenges, "Dimanche" by the internationally acclaimed Euro outfit Jaune Toujours offers a much-needed breath of fresh air. This feel-good anthem, infused with laid-back reggae and deep ska rhythms, invites you to slow down and find your groove. The infectious horn riffs and uplifting lyrics in English and French provide weekly positivity. Accompanying this vibrant track is a creative music video that brings its whimsical, uplifting message to life. More