Evaristo PérezIris
Release datum:8/23/2024
Label:TCB Music

This project presents a varied range of poetic, descriptive and colorful pieces; others more organic in their rhythm or texture. This aesthetic choice is influenced by my personal taste for 20th-century painting.

I express this in various musical canvases united by the common thread of harmony – original compositions, repertoire pieces as well as free improvisations. My intention is to convey something broad, full in sound, sometimes with very few notes.

In several pieces there is the idea that we can create a form of escape, like a thought in suspension – opening a door to the imagination.

More than active listening, my aspiration is to provide a contemplative listening experience, where one can fall into their own imagination, thoughts, and emotions – ones that may differ from those I experienced during the musical performance. Nevertheless, the encounter happens here, starting from the moment the music unfolds.

  • 1Would You Mind'01:40
    Music: Evaristo PérezISRC: CH109-38-00201
  • 2Cécile Ma Fille04:50
    Music: Jacques DatinISRC: CH109-38-00202
  • 3Iris04:59
    Music: Evaristo PérezISRC: CH109-38-00203
  • 4Alfonsina Y El Mar05:21
    Music: Ariel Ramirez/Felix LunaISRC: CH109-38-00204
  • 5Hydrophare04:45
    Music: Evaristo PérezISRC: CH109-38-00205
  • 6Medleyvariste: Killing Me Softly & Yesterday07:13
    Music: Charles Fox / Norman Gimbel/Lennon/McCartneyISRC: CH109-38-00206
  • 7Little Stars00:24
    Music: Evaristo PérezISRC: CH109-38-00207
  • 8Ballade Du Moment03:52
    Music: Evaristo PérezISRC: CH109-38-00208
  • 9I Remember You02:39
    Music: Victor Schertzinger / Johnny MercerISRC: CH109-38-00209
  • 10No Man’s Land05:12
    Music: Evaristo PérezISRC: CH109-38-00210
  • 11Sail Away04:47
    Music: Tom HarrellISRC: CH109-38-00211
  • 12Ending01:53
    Music: Evaristo PérezISRC: CH109-38-00212
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  • Pérez, Evaristo: Piano
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