Su Rossy GirodThree Trios
Release datum:8/16/2024
Label:TCB Music
As a musician, I feel a moral responsibility to perform the sound of real democracy on stage every time I have a chance. Musicians are in a privileged position to inspire everyone, showing how democracy works in real time. Democratic ways of decision making are in fact most efficient to solve all kinds of problems for any community or collective organization. Also, making sure that all constructive ideas are being heard and intelligent consensus is reached is a natural consequence of being a well-educated adult with a sense of responsibility and a meaningful social and private life. A good jazz band embodies this in every performance and the audience perceive it as “magic”. - Jorge Rossy
  • 1You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To06:22
    Music: Cole PorterISRC: CH109-38-10201
  • 2Nem Um Talvez03:55
    Music: Hermeto PascoalISRC: CH109-38-10202
  • 3But Beautiful06:56
    Music: Jimmy van HeusenISRC: CH109-38-10203
  • 4After The Morning06:10
    Music: John HicksISRC: CH109-38-10204
  • 5Swift Robbery03:49
    Music: Jorge RossyISRC: CH109-38-10205
  • 6Just One Of Those Things06:04
    Music: Cole PorterISRC: CH109-38-10206
  • 7Isfahan08:30
    Music: Billy StrayhornISRC: CH109-38-10207
  • 8So In Love07:27
    Music: Cole PorterISRC: CH109-38-10208
  • 9Darn That Dream06:32
    Music: Jimmy van HeusenISRC: CH109-38-10209
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  • Girod, Dominique: Bass
  • Nat Su: Alto Saxophone
  • Rossy, Jorge: Drums
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