Mayte MartínTatuajes
Release datum:7/12/2024
Label:Nuevos Medios
Genre:World Music/Spanien

"TATUAJES" is the name of the new album by the singer MAYTE MARTÍN that, with a quartet format (voice, piano, double bass and drums), includes immortal titles from a repertoire that we all treasure in our memory. That versatility of hers that sometimes immerses her in other sound landscapes that have nothing to do with flamenco, allows us to see and hear her recreating a collection of true hits that form and will forever be part of the legacy of universal music. The emotional journey that this reunion harbors with the eternal songs that it releases here, gives this experience - based on the homage to those who gave life to these great works - an exquisite aroma full of nuances and color.

  • Mayte Martín, voz y dirección musical
  • Nelsa Baró, piano y arreglos
  • Guillermo Prats, contrabajo
  • Vicens Soler, batería
  • 1Gracias a la vida04:16
    Music: Violeta Parra
  • 2Lucía03:23
    Music: Joan Manuel Serrat
  • 3Te recuerdo Amanda03:26
    Music: Víctor Jara
  • 4Zamba para no morir05:44
    Music: Hamlet Lima
  • 5Amore mio04:06
    Music: Bruno Canfora / Ginna Basso
  • 6Alfonsina y el mar06:16
    Music: Félix Luna "Falucho" / Ariel Ramírez
  • 7Ne me quitte pas04:42
    Music: Jacques Brel
  • 8En la imaginación06:15
    Music: Marta Valdés
  • 9Eu se que voi te amar04:18
    Music: Vinicius / Jobim
  • 10El breve espacio que no está05:32
    Music: Pablo Milanés
  • 11Porqué vas a venir03:35
    Music: Carmen Guzmán / Amanda Velazco
  • 12La bien pagá03:27
    Music: Ramón Perelló / Juan Mostazo
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  • Guillermo Prats: contrabajo
  • Mayte Martín: voz y dirección musical
  • Nelsa Baró: piano y arreglos
  • Vicens Soler: batería
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