Oriane LacailleiViV
Release datum:1/19/2024
Genre:World Music/Afrika/Reunión

Oriane Lacaille, singer-songwriter and percussionist from Reunion Island, presents iViV, the first album under her name. In the Lacaille family, the accordionist René was one of the renewers of Reunionese music in the 1970s, with his accomplices Alain Péters and Danyel Waro. Oriane his daughter, who grew up in France but is steeped in the island's maloya and sega ryhthms, is perpetuating this family tradition which, in the generations before hers, was forbidden to women. Having also inherited the idea that music is a collective gesture that embraces the community, she has long expressed herself with others, notably within the duos Titi Zaro (with Coline Linder) and Bonbon Vodou (with JereM Boucris).

Oriane Lacaille, singer-percussionist who also plays ukulele and aouicha (a small gnawa guembri), is not alone on iViV, for which she composed most of the tracks. She is accompanied by Héloïse Divilly on drums and Yann-Lou Bertrand on double bass, trumpet, & flute. They also bring the vocal harmonies to her songs which are underlaid by the undulating ternary rhythms of Reunion Island. She has also invited some great guests: Piers Faccini, who encouraged her to take the plunge, Leyla McCalla, Laura Cahen, Loy Ehrlich (Hadouk Trio) and of course René Lacaille. With the sweetness of nursery rhymes or the intensity of trance music, Oriane Lacaille sings about joy and about rage, assimilating her family heritage into her own affirmed personality; iViV marks the blossoming of her Creole trajectory.

  • 1Je Suis La Fleur Qui Ne Poussera Jamais04:19
    Music: Oriane LacailleLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300080
  • 2Kaf Do Lo03:22
    Music: Oriane LacailleLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300090
  • 3Li Bat05:04
    Music: Oriane LacailleLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300100
  • 4L’Unique Mot02:44
    Music: Oriane LacailleLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300110
  • 5Iviv03:23
    Music: Oriane LacailleLyrics: Oriane Lacaille/Leyla McCallaISRC: FRZCZ2300120
  • 6Aouicha Dancefloor03:43
    Music: Héloïse Divilly/Yann-Lou BertrandLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300130
  • 7Flèr04:58
    Music: Oriane Lacaille/Laura CahenLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300140
  • 8Lam La Mer05:52
    Music: Jérémie BoucrisLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300150
  • 9Ride02:53
    Music: Oriane LacailleLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300160
  • 10Timo05:20
    Music: Oriane LacailleLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300170
  • 11Mi Pans Aou03:27
    Music: Oriane LacailleLyrics: Oriane LacailleISRC: FRZCZ2300180
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  • Ehrlich, Loy: guembri (Lam la mer) (Track Nr 8)
  • Freddy Boisliveau: guitare dobro, EBow, banjo, guitare
  • Héloise Divilly: Chant, batterie, kayanm, percussions
  • JereM Boucris: choeurs (Lam la mer) (Track Nr 8)
  • Lacaille, Oriane: Chant, ukuleles soprano, diatonique et baryton, aouicha, kayanm, tambour
  • Lacaille, Rene: Accordéon (Lam la mer) (Track Nr 8)
  • Laura Cahen: chant, guitare (Fler) (Track Nr 7)
  • McCalla, Leyla: Chant, violoncelle (iViV) (Track Nr 5)
  • Piers Faccini: chant, guitare (Li bat) (Track Nr 3)
  • Yann-Lou Bertrand: chant, contrebasse, trompette, flute traversiere
  • Ignatub
  • Freddy Boisliveau
Recording Studio
  • Leyla McCall:Jean Lamoot aux Studios Mercredi 9 a Paris (Track Nr 5)
  • Love Island (Angers) (Track Nr 3)
  • Studio Marceau a Montreuil (Track Nr 7)
  • Studio des Figurines, Freddy Boisliveau
  • Peter Deimel
  • Cahuate Milk
Cover Artwork
  • Valentine Hebert
Country of recording: FranceC2023 IgnatubP2023 Ignatub