Parzhuber Triosnap-reading method
Release datum:1/26/2024
Label:Owl Way Records

“snap-reading method”

"Observation technique based on mathematical sampling theory. The frequency of previously determined types of processes is recorded with the help of randomly conducted short-term observations in order to be able to derive statistically validated statements about the temporal structure of these processes".

This is the definition of the “snap-reading method”, which can also be applied to the musical communication of the trio without any problems. With the new program Fabian Dudek(sax), Oliver Lutz(e-bass) and Alex Parzhuber (comp., drums, synth) give free rein to their own interpretation of these short-term observations in the context of the compositions. The music turns out hardly tangible and free in one moment and compellingly concrete seconds later.

The album will be released on 26th January 2024 on Owl Way Records, a newly founded label by saxophonist and composer Johannes Ludwig.

  • 1Trio #406:15
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67281
  • 2Final Call05:42
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67282
  • 3Delusive Comfort03:10
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67283
  • 4Bass Is The Place05:07
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67284
  • 5Adventures Of Digital Functionality04:28
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67285
  • 6Worth It04:38
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67286
  • 7Trio #1007:05
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67287
  • 8On The Road06:57
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67288
  • 9Verinnerter Traum08:33
    Music: Alex ParzhuberISRC: DEZC6-23-67289
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  • Alexander Parzhuber: Komposition, Drums, Synths
  • Fabian Dudek: Altsaxophon
  • Oliver Lutz: E-Bass
  • Parzhuber, Alex
Recording Studio
  • Maarwegstudio2 by Matthias Gamm
  • Kloss, Alex
Cover Artwork
  • Illig, Andrea
  • Parzhuber, Alex
Country of recording: GermanyC2024 Owl Way RecordsP2024 Owl Way Records