Claude Diallo Situation / Wolfgang LackerschmidThe Abraxas Sessions
Release datum:12/15/2023
Label:Dot Time Records

Claude Diallo is an internationally acclaimed jazz pianist. With his trio Claude Diallo Situation he has released several albums, won various awards and performed at numerous jazz festivals and venues in Europe, America and Asia. Claude has developed a wonderful concept called Traveling With Music which incorporates his life experiences of performing around the globe.

His intense studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Aaron Copland School of Music in New York, prepared him to consider, appreciate and develop his curiosity, admiration and passion towards other cultures. Because of this, he is constantly evolving musically, and his expressionism through his compositions have reached worldwide acclaim.

The performance at the Abraxas features references from his previous releases and ‘Entrada’ a world premiere performance composed and dedicated to Claude by Wolfgang Lackerschmid. Claude, along with Luques and Tupac, share the love of their craft in this historical theatre housed in a building that was once devoted to stymie creativity, expression and love of other cultures of the world. You can find more information about the performance and the set list at

  • 1Spring Is Here07:24
    Music: Claude DialloISRC: QM2KL-23-00500
  • 2I'm So Glad04:51
    Music: Claude DialloISRC: QM2KL-23-00501
  • 311 1105:11
    Music: Claude DialloISRC: QM2KL-23-00502
  • 4Snobi and Phoebe06:04
    Music: Claude DialloISRC: QM2KL-23-00503
  • 5Skylark04:19
    Music: Hoagy CarmichaelISRC: QM2KL-23-00504
  • 6Entrada08:12
    Music: Wolfgang LackerschmidISRC: QM2KL-23-00505
  • 7African Roots06:58
    Music: Claude DialloISRC: QM2KL-23-00506
  • 8Ballad For Tutu06:17
    Music: Claude DialloISRC: QM2KL-23-00507
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  • Claude Diallo: Piano
  • Luques Curtis: Bass
  • Túpac Mantilla: Drums, Percussion
  • Wolfgang Lackerschmid: Vibes (Tracks Nr 4, 5, 6)
  • Johanan 'Jo' Bickhardt
  • Johanan 'Jo' Bickhardt
  • Lou Gimenez
Recording Studio
  • Abraxas Theater, Augsburg
  • Lou Gimenez, The Music Lab, Elmont, NY
Cover Artwork
  • Dani Mari
C2023 Dot Time RecordsP2023 Dot Time Records