Aga Khan Master MusiciansNowruz
Release datum:12/8/2023
Label:Smithsonian Folkways
Genre:World Music/Asien/Allgemein

In Nowruz, their accomplished debut album, the Aga Khan Master Musicians (AKMM) draw on music from Central Asia, China, the Middle East, and North Africa to create a strikingly original body of work where living musical traditions meet and meld. Acclaimed virtuosos on their respective instruments, the six members of AKMM deftly blend pipa, qanun, dutar, viola d’amore, saxophone, and a panoply of percussion into a soulful new musical language that comes alive in these eloquent performances.

• “The Music Programme demonstrates how to make music come alive in all forms that speak to contemporary audiences, particularly young audiences, to strengthen a sense of shared values, while simultaneously encouraging curiosity, tolerance, and cosmopolitanism.” — THE.ISLMALI

• “[The Master Musicians] share a belief that tradition can serve as an invaluable compass for an artistic search into new forms of creativity inspired, but not constrained, by the past.” — HOPKINS CENTER FOR THE ARTS AT DARTMOUTH

  • 1Tashkent03:02
    Music: Basel Rajoub
  • 2Samai05:35
    Music: Jasser Haj Youssef
  • 3Teahouse04:59
    Music: Wu Man
  • 4Madad02:24
    Music: Basel Rajoub
  • 5Awdeh05:49
    Music: Feras Charestan
  • 6Mehan04:45
    Music: Sirojiddin Juraev
  • 7Cadence03:25
    Music: Jasser Haj Youssef
  • 8MashqiDutar05:30
    Music: Sirojiddin Juraev
  • 9Jul Dance05:09
    Music: Feras Charestan
  • 10Autumn Flowers And Leaves03:36
    Music: Wu Man
  • 11Illi04:18
    Music: Basel Rajoub
  • 12Nowruz03:47
    Music: Abbos Kosimov
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  • Abbos Kosimov: doira, chang qobuz (jaw harp), riq, tar (frame drum)
  • Basel Rajoub: saxophone, duclar, doholla
  • Feras Charestan: qanun
  • Jasser Haj Youssef: viola d’amore
  • Sirojiddin Juraev: dutar, tanbur
  • Wu Man: pipa
Guest musician
  • Levent Yildirim: doholla
  • Fairouz Nishanova and Theodore Levin
  • Feras Charestan and Gabriel Lundh, The Dome, Stockholm
Recording Studio
  • Kitchen Studio, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Studio de la Fonderie, Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Gabriel Lundh, The Dome, Stockholm
  • Sebastian Schutyser
Cover Artwork
  • Zena Sabbagh
C2023 Smithsonian FolkwaysP2023 Smithsonian Folkways