Riccardo GolaCosmonautica
Release datum:7/28/2023
Cosmonautics as the art of space travel. This is the metaphor that Riccardo Gola chooses for his first solo album - to be released on the Jando Music / Via Veneto Jazz label - after years of militancy in some of the most creative projects of the new Italian jazz scene. As composer and bandleader, he offers us an acoustic quartet but with a strongly hybridized vocabulary. From the very first listening, one perceives the multiplicity of interests and ratings of the eclectic Roman artist (he is also an illustrator and art director) who manages to mix the African-American matrix with a plurality of languages, from rock to electronics, from African music to contemporary classic. With him a real all-star band of the contemporary Italian scene: Francesco Bigoni on sax and clarinet, Enrico Zanisi on piano and Enrico Morello on drums. A cohesive group that through improvisation and interplay leads the listener - like good cosmonauts - on a journey into the unknown.
  • 1RAL 500104:43
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14601
  • 2Detriti spaziali06:09
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14602
  • 3Starfire06:57
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14603
  • 4Multiply05:15
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14604
  • 5Anni luce05:43
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14605
  • 6Materia liquida05:09
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14606
  • 7Cosmonautica06:40
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14607
  • 8Focus on Gravity04:34
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14608
  • 9Strategie per un'invasione aliena05:21
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14609
  • 10In orbita04:49
    Music: Riccardo GolaISRC: ITC93-23-14610
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  • Enrico Morello: batteria
  • Enrico Zanisi: piano
  • Francesco Bigoni: sax tenore & clarinetto
  • Riccardo Gola: contrabbasso
Country of recording: ItalyC2023 MillesuoniP2023 Millesuoni