Munojat YulchievaSelected Pieces (Classical Music of central Asia)
Release datum:8/18/2023
Genre:World Music/Asien/Usbekistan
Recorded in Uzbekistan between 2006 and 2011.The album is a selection of unissued recordings from MUNOJAT YULCHIEVA, the Uzbek singer one of the best musician representative of Central Asia region. The repertoire of this CD is mostly made of traditional classical music (maqom) except four modern compositions, three by Munojat master and mentor Shavkat Mirzaev and one by singer, musician and composer Jo‘raxon Sultonov (1903-1965). The album is completed by a 16 pages booklet in English with a presentation text by Giovanni De Zorzi (University of Venice). MUNOJAT YULCHIEVA, a singer who reached a world fame out of her native Uzbekistan thanks to her many qualities: among all the constant inspired intensity of her interpretation and the rich, dark, timbre of her mezzo-soprano voice that you will appreciate in a while, undoubtedly falling under the spell of the diva.
  • 1Chorgoh09:03
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00067
  • 2Etishdi06:25
    Music: Shavkat MiirzaevLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00068
  • 3Qayoundur05:19
    Music: Shavkat MiirzaevLyrics: Shair MiskinISRC: ITI40-23-00069
  • 4Nihon Etdi06:56
    Music: Shavkat MiirzaevLyrics: UvaysiyISRC: ITI40-23-00070
  • 5Kim Desun05:55
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: MuqimiyISRC: ITI40-23-00071
  • 6Naylayin05:50
    Music: Jo'raxon SultonovLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00072
  • 7Nim Cho'Poni09:04
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: Alishir NavoiyISRC: ITI40-23-00073
  • 8Musta'Ziodi Navo Qashqarchasi03:41
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00074
  • 9Ul Kim, Jono06:01
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00075
  • 10G'Uncha Yanglig'06:51
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: Hamid OlimjonISRC: ITI40-23-00076
  • 11Sarahbori Dugoh11:44
    Music: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00077
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  • Abduhoshim Ismoilov: gijjak
  • Abdurahmon Xoltojiyev: qonun
  • Ahmadjon Dadaev: gijjak
  • Ahmadjon Sobirov: nay
  • Dilfuza Khaydarova: dutor
  • Hojimurod Safarov: doira
  • Ikrom Matanov: qoshnay
  • Malika Ziyayeva: dutor
  • Munojat Yulchieva: Vocals
  • Rahmatilla Samadov: doira
  • Shavkat Mirzaev: rubob
  • Shukhrat Razzoqov: tanbur
  • Temir Mahmudov: chang
  • Turgun Alimatov: tanbur, sato
  • Yulchieva, Munojat
  • Elisabetta Sermenghi
Cover Artwork
  • Marzia Ardissono
Country of recording: ItalyC2023 FelmayP2023 Felmay