Oghlan BakhshiJourney across the Steppes (Musical traditions of Central AsiaTurkmenistan)
Release datum:8/25/2023
Genre:World Music/Asien/Allgemein
Felmay Records is glad to announce the release (Out on 14th April) of Journey Across The Steppes, Musical traditions of Central Asia Turkmenistan the debut album by OGHLAN BAKHSHI, which marks the return on the Western record market of an album of traditional Turkmenistan music after the absence for several years. OGHLAN BAKHSHI graduated from the Turkmen National Conservatory in Turkmenistan, is currently doing graduate work in ethnomusicology at Wesleyan University in the USA. He has been performing Turkmen traditional music since childhood, appearing at many concerts and prestigious music festivals in Iran, Turkmenistan, and Turkey as well as in European countries such as France, Spain, and the Czech Republic.
  • 1Babajyklar04:40
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00001
  • 2Yagma bulut04:18
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00002
  • 3Salyk bilen05:20
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00003
  • 4Alemgosar08:08
    Music: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00004
  • 5Garrylar gerek04:18
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00005
  • 6Boy bibi 05:20
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00006
  • 7Zyba gozel07:12
    Music: TraditionalLyrics: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00007
  • 8Humarala03:14
    Music: TraditionalISRC: ITI40-23-00008
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  • Abdolghaffar Geldinejad: Gyjak
  • Oghlan Bakhshi: vocal, dutar
  • Mohammad Geldi Geldi Nejad (Oghlan Bakhashi)
Recording Studio
  • Esmllam Maskani (2LA)-Iran
  • Serdarmuhammet Rejepow-Turmenistan
  • Abdolghaffar Azarkesht (Pelk Studio)
Cover Artwork
  • Fuocofisso
Country of recording: ItalyC2023 FelmayP2023 Felmay