GroupaKind of Folk, Vol. 4 - Iberia
Release datum:5/19/2023
Label:All Ice Music
Genre:World Music/Spanien

Groupa releases their fourth album in the Kind of Folk series, a collaboration with Spanish and Portuguese musicians. This time around, their musical radar takes them to the Iberian peninsula and its rich musical traditions, treating us to soft ballads, intense love songs, and irresistible dance tunes with a unique Groupa twist.

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Vanesa Muela has her roots in the music of the Castilla y León region, and she plays a variety of percussion instruments. Vanesa’s compelling vocals and solid percussion skills paired with Groupa’s improvisational technique produce beautiful Nordic-Iberian music.

Sofia Adriana Portugal belongs to the young generation of singers in Portugal who are interested in the traditional music of their country. With a background in the band Fadomorse, the vocal trio Maria Monda, as well as training in puppetry and theater, Sofia spellbinds audiences with her lyrical vocals and storytelling.

Sara and Maika Gomez make up the fascinating percussion duo Ttukunak Txalaparta, and play the traditional Basque txalaparta. Their intricate rhythms surprise and delight with sudden shifts and expansive dynamics.

  • 1Para empezar a cantar03:54
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32069
  • 2Polska típico04:29
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32070
  • 3Estriga/Tingvalla05:37
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32071
  • 4Ballet/Meander02:53
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32072
  • 5Flautarudl/Storerudl02:35
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32073
  • 6Polska virgen03:16
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32074
  • 7Jota after Francisco Jiménez00:37
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32075
  • 8Ó estrela que vais coroar04:36
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32076
  • 9Por riba se ceifa o pão03:41
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32077
  • 10Halling enramada03:12
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32078
  • 11Ó Laurinda linda, linda02:48
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32079
  • 12El palillo del Tío Roque04:22
    ISRC: QM4TX-23-32080
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Guest musician
  • Gomez, Maika
  • Gomez, Sara
  • Portugal, Sofia
  • Robert Svärd
  • Skúli Sverrisson
  • Vanesa Muela
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