Moonlight BenjaminWayo
Release datum:5/12/2023
Genre:World Music/Karibik
The new album of the punky voodoo queen Moonlight Benjamin! A long-time favorite of Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) or Iggy Pop, the Haitian voodoo priestess Moonlight Benjamin explores in this new opus the roots of blues and rock. Carried by a deeper and darker sound, and by the unique voice of Moonlight, influenced by Alabama Shakes as by Oumou Sangaré or Dr John, the album "Wayo" is a real cry, a mystifying and mystical musical mixture, almost shamanic , a "liberating incantation" (dixit radio FIP) in the middle of the guitars.
  • 1Wayo04:38
  • 2Haut là haut04:02
  • 3Taye banda03:30
  • 4Ouvè lespri02:33
  • 504:59
  • 6Freedom fire02:55
  • 7Limyè04:20
  • 8Bafon03:00
  • 9Lilè03:30
  • 10Alé02:44
  • 11Pwenn fè02:24
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