Scott McLemoreThe Multiverse: Knowing
Release datum:4/21/2023
Label:Sunny Sky Records

Following up his 2018 album The Multiverse, the Icelandic-American drummer Scott McLemore continues with a two-guitar driven quartet with bass and drums. This music was recorded during a European tour at Sono Studio near Prague and consists of 10 tracks of new originals written specifically with these musicians in mind.

Longtime cohort Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson carries over from the last album and is joined this time by Czech guitarist David Doružka, who played with McLemore when they both lived in New York. Another newcomer to the project is French bassist Nicolas Moreaux, who is currently living in Iceland. Four of the pieces are part of the Separation Anxiety Suite which is about living through the pandemic. The title track, "Knowing" is about McLemore finding out that he is on the autism spectrum and the clarity that provided him.

  • 1Knowing03:31
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09801
  • 2Take a Stand05:13
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09802
  • 3Apart06:02
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09803
  • 4Unless07:43
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09804
  • 5Look to Tomorrow05:20
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09805
  • 6Release06:20
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09806
  • 7Everything is a Moment03:05
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09807
  • 8Upkeep04:49
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09808
  • 9The Daily03:58
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09809
  • 10Waltz for J.A.05:41
    Music: Scott McLemoreISRC: ISV44-22-09810
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  • David Doružka: guitar
  • Hilmar Jensson: guitar
  • Nico Moreaux: bass
  • Scott McLemore: drums
  • Kjartan Kjartansson at Bíóhjóð, Iceland
Recording Studio
  • Milan Cimfe and Pierre Gouge at Sono Studio, Czech Republic
Country of recording: IslandC2023 Sunny Sky RecordsP2023 Sunny Sky Records