Jinn / Alberto N.A. Turra / Peppe FranaJinn
Release datum:4/14/2023
Genre:World Music/Italien

Jinn is the debut album of the homonymous duo born from the musical encounter of two well known artists in the Felmay catalog: ALBERTO N.A. TURRA (Blumenkranz, Roy Paci-Corleone, Capovilla) and PEPPE FRANA (Vinicio Capossela, Daniele Sepe) respectively on electric guitar and oud. A memorable encounter between two plectrum instruments exploring the musicality of the Middle Eastern sound universe.

An original and unusual instrumental combination that of the duo (electric guitar and oud), born from a musical and even more personal and spiritual affinity, between ALBERTO N.A.TURRA and PEPPE FRANA, artists already present in the Felmay catalogue with different projects. On one side the frequentations of downtown New York (John Zorn and his acolytes) and on the other the musicality of the Middle Eastern sound universe in its various historical branches up to and including our Middle Ages Mediterranean


The Jinn is a supernatural creature born from the animist beliefs of the pre-Islamic Near East: generally a spiteful, if not cruel, desert spirit associated with fire and ailments, which shows a more seraphic and good-natured face in the Koranic scriptures, in fairy tales and in proverbs. The Jinn almost always presides over a secret place, an object of power, a hidden wisdom that hides and protects. Nullus locus sine genio. Some find its origin in the genius loci of the Romans, hidden wisdom that hides and protects. JINN infuses itself with the sounds and rhythms of distant places and times and exhales electric music; the meeting of two musical instruments that have the strings and the plectrum in common as well as having witnessed a large part of the path of humanity. A dialogue between “odd” sounds that becomes a record with an unusual and enveloping plot.

ALBERTO N.A.TURRA Guitarist, composer, improviser, he lives in Milan and boasts several collaborations that lead him to a very intense concert activity. He has played in some of the most important Italian and international festivals including Victoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival (Spain), Jazz Festival Saalfelden (Austria), Le Printemp de Bourge (France), Torino Jazz Festival, Roma Jazz Festival, Udine Jazz, Arezzo Wave, Ciampi Award, Milan Film Festival, May Day Piazza San Giovanni (Rome), Chant Records Launch Festival (NUblu N.Y.) alturbogolfer.blogspot.com

PEPPE FRANA from a young age he studied electric guitar and became passionate about rock across the Channel. In his twenties he was struck by his interest in extra-European modal music through the music of Ross Daly and began studying Turkish oud and other plectrum cordophones during frequent trips to Greece and Turkey, where he attended some of the most renowned masters: Yurdal Tokcan, Omer Erdogdular, Murat Aydemir, Daud Khan Sadozai, Ross Daly himself. From meeting the members of the Micrologus Ensemble springs an interest in medieval European music and the plectrum lute, of which he soon becomes one of the most popular soloists and teachers, specializing in the fourteenth-century Italian repertoire. From 2013 to 2015 he studied medieval lute at the Schola Cantorum Basilensis under the guidance of Crawford Young, inaugurating his first experience of academic music study. He graduated with honors in philosophy from the L’Orientale University Institute in Naples. He regularly collaborates with many artists and musical projects in the field of ancient, oriental and extra-cultured music and carries out a thriving concert activity all over the world. He is the artistic director of the Labyrinth Italia.

  • 1Prima Fiamma10:05
    Music: Peppe FranaISRC: ITI40-22-00025
  • 2Trevor06:57
    Music: Alberto N.A. TurraISRC: ITI40-22-00026
  • 3Kelebek07:40
    Music: Peppe FranaISRC: ITI40-22-00027
  • 4Aparani Par09:54
    Music: Armenian TraditionalISRC: ITI40-22-00028
  • 5Hijacking08:24
    Music: Alberto N.A. TurraISRC: ITI40-22-00029
  • 6A Nice Bir Uyursun08:22
    Music: Turkish TraditionalISRC: ITI40-22-00030
  • 7Cellule08:25
    Music: Alberto N.A. TurraISRC: ITI40-22-00031
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  • Simone Pavan
  • Simone Pavan
Cover Artwork
  • Frana, Renata
Country of recording: ItalyC2022 FelmayP2022 Felmay