Banda BlondeauBanda Blondeau
Release datum:3/24/2023
Genre:World Music/Italien

The music of Banda Blondeau traces an innovative musical perimeter : Mediterranean by geographical belonging, it is a contaminated with jazz, folk, film music, starting from a strong band imprint of which it then almost completely loses the tracks. Many references converged in a unique experience, the soundtrack of a journey without destination, without time, without limits. A flight. The last one. And a deadly crash occurred in the Iblei mountains, in the summer of 1890. It was that of the circus artist Henry Blondeau, who defying the limits of physics performed in evolutions to the trapezoid, hanging from his hot air balloon.

His last performance took place on September 3rd of that year, on the occasion of the celebrations of the patron saint of Ragusa, despite his hesitation for the strong wind that blew that day. Just that wind that was fatal to him and that made him crash shortly after getting up in flight. It was thanks to the stories of this incredible tightrope walker, of his daring adventures, that two years ago, Banda Blondeau was born, a musical project founded by the musician Vincent Migliorisi. Nine tracks that are a sort of imaginary journey in the Mediterranean, partly lived but often dreamed of, where jazz, folk, Irish jigs happily coexist with marches, tarantella, film music. The result is a unique, unmistakable sound. " Banda Blondeau starts from the band imprint and then gets rid of it almost completely - Vincent tells us - It looks more like an orchestra, even if this term is definitely tight to it.

It is as if Simon Jeffes had embarked his Penguin Cafè Orchestra on a ship and starting from the English coasts he had landed via the English Channel in France, had breathed the scents and had entered the Parisian banlieues. Then he crossed the Alps and found himself in the Belpaese, where he listened and learned the music of the thousand villages that compose it, until he reached the island of the island, Sicily, with its mountain, its tears, its joy, the one set in the white stone neighborhoods of the Baroque".

Banda Blondeau was born from the ashes of the Piccola Orchestra Primavera, a musical ensemble founded by Vincent Migliorisi in 2010. Multi-instrumentalist musician, author and Sicilian producer. He founded more or less well-known bands (La Casbah, Talèh, Trio CasaMia), played with numerous artists of the Italian independent scene (Colapesce in primis), produced countless soundtracks and under the pseudonym Defolk, he released the album Bisolare which obtained a considerable consensus both from critics and from the public with 2 national tours also thanks to important collaborations such as the one with Luca Madonia.

  • 1Ai Lov03:49
  • 2Islish04:01
  • 3Adele03:58
  • 4Bad pelouches02:54
  • 5Folksteady03:13
  • 6Incanto02:45
  • 7Paxia02:28
  • 8Iquique04:27
  • 9Tarantena02:33
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  • Esther Ansaldi: clarinet
  • Paolo Ilacqua: trombone
  • Pietro Scardino: accordion
  • Rino Taverna: tuba
  • Sergio Battaglia: soprano sax
  • Sergio Spadola: drums
  • Stefania Calabrese: contralto sax
  • Vincent Migliorisi: banjo, guitar
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