Anna SettonSigo dizendo sim
Release datum:1/20/2023
Label:Galileo MC
Genre:World Music/Brasilien

"Sigo Dizendo Sim" (I Keep On Saying Yes) is the second single for Anna Setton's new album - "The Future is More Beautiful", to be released worldwide by Galileo Music this February.

"Sigo Dizendo Sim", available on all digital platforms on January 20th.

Anna Setton keeps saying yes because we keep asking to hear what she has to sing. The artist from São Paulo who chose Portugal to live, succeeds "Saudade é Pouco" with a new single that shows her in a new light: "it is the song that in the whole album has a more pop identity", assures Anna who describes this as a very positive/love song, as the "possible beginning of a new path". "Sigo Dizendo Sim" was recorded in Recife under the guidance of Barro and Guilherme Assis, the duo of producers chosen, part of a new artistic generation that has put the Pernambuco capital on the most modern map in Brazil. Anna Setton explains that in this new song you can even hear echoes of a certain "indie rock". In fact, the singer, who has explored the different nuances and sweet balances of MPB, shows interest in adding other flavours to her art. The song is the result of a creative partnership with Igor de Carvalho, composer that Barro pointed out and with whom Anna wrote three songs, being "Sigo Dizendo Sim" the last of all: "We exchanged ideas, we understood where we fitted in, what worked and the work flowed naturally", reveals the artist.

This willingness to explore new paths says a lot about Anna Setton's artistic personality, who doesn't want to repeat ideas already firmed up in the past and is far more interested in opening herself up to novelty. "A career is a story", she tells us, "and I want to write new chapters in my story, have new adventures". And so we keep asking her to sing and Anna keeps saying yes.

With a video shot in the area of Leiria directed by the collective Casota, a true incubator of innovative visual ideas, "Sigo Dizendo Sim" marks a new year in which Anna Setton will lead the international edition of a new work which does not forget the great past of Brazilian music but has its soul decidedly pointed to the future.

No que é bom, no que é ruim
Eu tenho a tu, tu tens a mim
Sigo dizendo sim

Tudo de bom, nada é ruim
Luz baixa o som nós dois enfim
Sigo dizendo sim

Todos os profetas do mundo
Todos os poetas também
Nos viu ali

Todos os problemas que existem
Todas as questões casuais
Ficam pra trás

Quando vc tá aqui

Persisto na curva,
Na forma e na cor
Encontro cadência
E desvio da dor
Todos as formas e jeitos
Da gente viver esse amor

O toque a pele o arrepio
Meus polos se derretem
Calor no frio
Eu sigo dizendo sim, eu simplesmente vou

Quando você tá aqui
Quando você tá aqui

  • 1Sigo dizendo sim03:01
    Music: Igor de CarvalhoLyrics: Igor de Carvalho/Anna SettonISRC: BR6FF-22-00009
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Singer and composer from São Paulo, Anna Setton has already released two albums and is getting ready to release her third album. Anna sang for years at night in São Paulo alongside great instrumentalists with whom she sang a vast repertoire of jazz, MPB and bossa nova.

In 2018, she released her debut album, Anna Setton, which was produced by Swami Jr. and brings her voice as a songwriter to the public for the first time. Her show circulated in Brazil and abroad, in countries such as Portugal, France, Germany, England, Australia, Korea and Japan.

In 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, its production was marked by weekly and spontaneous lives – more than 70 in total – in addition to remote collaboration videos that kept communication active with the public and with other artists.

In December 2021, Anna released the album, Onde Mora o meu Coração , the result of intense musical activity driven by virtual presentations.

The album brings in the repertoire consecrated themes of the popular songbook and that gained very personal contours through its interpretation. In solo voice and guitar versions, the album also features the authorial song Revoada, a partnership with Edu Sangirardi and Nocturno Antillano (Julio Gutiérrez) in which he performs a duet with the great Cuban singer Omara Portuondo, and exclusively on this track, features the guitar of Swami Jr who also produced the album.

As a performer, Anna recorded with names like Toquinho, with whom she toured for five years in Brazil and abroad, Mestrinho and Sadao Watanabe. She also participated in the last project directed by Zuza Homem de Mello, Copacabana – a dive into failed loves, in addition to shows alongside João Bosco, Paulinho da Viola, Martinho da Vila and Mônica Salmaso.

4/13/2023Lisbon, CCB
4/18/2023Paris, Studio L'ermitage
4/19/2023Brussels, Le Baixu
4/21/2023Madrid, Café Berlin
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  • Barro: Guitar
  • Guilherme Assis: Bass, Guitar, Organ, Synth, Glockenspiel, Piano and Programming
  • Ricardo Fraga: Drums
  • Setton, Anna: Voice and Vocals
  • Barro
  • Builherme Assis
  • Vinicius Aquino
Recording Studio
  • Zelo Estudio
  • Vinicius Aquino
  • Denny Sachtleben
Country of recording: BrasilC2022 Galileo MCP2022 Galileo MC