Martin Müller / Alex KrollStrings Ahead
Release datum:3/17/2023
Label:Galileo Vertrieb
Genre:Jazz/Acoustic Guitar
Alex Kroll on jazz guitar & Martin Müller on acoustic guitar developed their duo during Covid. What was first planned as a small "jam meeting" became a duo that worked out joint arrangements and composed together. A linking of the musical poles north and south. A melange of tradition and free improvisations, which they also interpret expressively and virtuosically in their own compositions. The 13 titles on the CD show the range of this extraordinary duo, which produces its own sound profile through jazz guitar and nylon guitar. G. Gershwins, classics of the Brazilguitar like E.Gismonti or P. da Viola as well as own compositions contain the repertoire, that by the jazzguitar and nylonguitar an own soundprofilentstehen lets.
  • 1Guitar Talk01:37
    Music: Alex Kroll/Martin MüllerISRC: DENO2-23-82301
  • 2Lost Swing03:57
    Music: Martin MüllerISRC: DENO2-23-82302
  • 3Blue Bossa03:50
    Music: Kenny DorhamISRC: DENO2-23-82303
  • 4Black Orfeus04:44
    Music: Luiz BonfaISRC: DENO2-23-82304
  • 5Caipi in Rio02:46
    Music: Martin MüllerISRC: DENO2-23-82305
  • 6Vienna Waltz03:38
    Music: Alex Kroll/Martin MüllerISRC: DENO2-23-82306
  • 7Salvador04:02
    Music: Egberto GismontiISRC: DENO2-23-82307
  • 8Lucy in the Sky04:33
    Music: John Lennon/Paul McCartneyISRC: DENO2-23-82308
  • 9My man's gone now04:38
    Music: George GershwinISRC: DENO2-23-82309
  • 10It ain´t necesarily so03:45
    Music: George GershwinISRC: DENO2-23-82310
  • 11Choro negro03:26
    Music: Paulinho Da ViolaISRC: DENO2-23-82311
  • 12Ricette d´amore03:09
    Music: Oscar Walter GattazISRC: DENO2-23-82312
  • 13The Multichord Coloured Ballad04:17
    Music: Alex Kroll/Martin MüllerISRC: DENO2-23-82313
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