DorantesIdentidad - Live in Concert (Solo Piano)
Release datum:1/27/2023
Label:Flamenco Scultura
Genre:World Music/Spanien/Flamenco

Great among the great. And revolutionary among the revolutionaries. Flamenco piano elevated to the status of myth far beyond orthodoxy, thanks to his fortunate and creative blends with jazz and other genres.

Dorantes delves into the importance of one’s Identity as a fundamental value for someone and for their harmonious relationship with the world, into the importance of knowing who one is and “what one is for”. Of the value of one’s Identity as a cohesive and communal element. Of the value of "creation" and how it opens our minds and makes us think. Of music and how it allows us to see the world in a different way through the mind of the person who has created the work, and how it unites people from a variety of backgrounds. Of developing empathy, understanding and, above all, of allaying the fear of being exposed.

From the dominant epic of his previous recording, La roda del viento, the pianist, in his seventh solo recording, turns to the nakedness of the solo piano that, inevitably, is filled with an enveloping lyricism. Two elements come into play: memory as inspiration and improvisation as a method. At the base, the music of flamenco styles as recognizable as they are integrated into a higher aspiration: the communication of vital experiences expressed with the language of soleá and bulería, seguiriya, alegrías, tangos, rondeña and granaína. On his melodic structures, Dorantes elaborates a discourse full of intimacy.

  • 1La Hazaña07:03
    Music: DorantesISRC: ES68D-22-00001
  • 2Corredera09:37
    Music: DorantesISRC: ES68D-22-00002
  • 3Arriba En El Monte09:49
    Music: DorantesISRC: ES68D-22-00003
  • 4La Puerta06:40
    Music: DorantesISRC: ES68D-22-00004
  • 5El Paso07:42
    Music: DorantesISRC: ES68D-22-00005
  • 6La Ciudad14:28
    Music: DorantesISRC: ES68D-22-00006
  • 7Orobroy A Solas06:48
    Music: DorantesISRC: ES68D-22-00007
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