Joanna WallfischAll in Time
Release datum:8/25/2023
Label:Galileo MC

All In Time marks Joanna’s sixth full length album since her debut release, Wild Swan, in 2011. Like so many artists striving to find their way through the shuttering of the world in March 2020, the inspiration for these songs began flowing with the force of an underground river forging new tributaries.

The album opens with the vivacious and lyrically fantastical “Praying Mantis”. Led by Joanna’s sparkling charango playing and multi-layered vocals, the band - including harp, organ, bass and drums - effortlessly dances in 7/4 as Joanna sings, “I am reaching for a hand to hold me tightly as I gently go to sleep”. All at once it is a song revealing the fear and uncertainty of the pandemic, mingled with a childlike joy and curiosity of how to work through it. “Killer Whale” drops the listener into a nocturnal, oceanic space. Directly inspired by Joanna’s recurring dream of being beckoned into the abyss by an Orca, the song becomes a metaphor for a seductive romance with the unknown. “One Wish”, written in April 2020, began as a meditation on Joanna’s longing to see her family again, especially her 96 year old grandmother Anita, who survived the holocaust playing the cello in the women’s band in Auschwitz Birkenau. Music saved her life, and has continued to be the core of the Wallfisch family and Joanna’s life since.

“Desert Wind” reveals another side of Joanna’s sound world, with its lilting, groovy vibe, surrounding the listener with the heat and mirage-like qualities of the desert itself. Written in the Mojave during a solitary writing residency in May 2020, it simultaneously depicts Joanna’s experiences, while turning the mysteries of the desert into a sensuous love affair. The title track, “All In Time”, opens with the lyric, “whisper sweet silence in the darkest room, keeper of life itself as it softly blooms” - the only way Joanna could begin to define her experience as a newly pregnant woman, her baby still so small, yet so present inside of her, about to change her life as she has always known it. Joanna plays classical guitar in a tuning of her creation, and delicately builds counter-melodic lines that weave intricately with the vocals, glistening harp and other instrumentation. This is the most intimate and vulnerable song on the album, and in Joanna’s entire song catalog to date.

The second half of the record begins with a crashing Tom Waitsian song entitled “Sometimes I’m Sad For No Reason”. The lyrics are borderline ridiculous, undeniably theatrical, yet poetically nuanced, fitting right in with Joanna’s background in theater and jazz, and her childhood love of nonsense poetry. Joanna gave the band free rein in the studio, with only the note of “go for your lives” at the top of each take, this song especially highlights Carey Frank’s (piano) immense creative versatility. The only duet on the album is a raw and vulnerable track entitled “United By The Rain”, illustrating the shocking state of the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and the horrifying border control between Mexico and the USA during (and since) the former President of the United States’ charge. Joanna works with non-profit Urban Voices Project, bringing music classes and therapy to the houseless community living in Skid Row. Joanna wishes this song be a reminder that everyone, no matter their situation, is still a human. Nearing the end of the record we plough into the dizzying, up-tempo “Uprise Skyward”. Tracked with 36 vocal parts, harp, bass, drums, piano, organ, and guitar, this is a gutpunch song of hope. Inspired by the power of coming together in community against hate and racism, Uprise Skyward was written with the intent of imbuing the listener with positive empowerment to make the change that counts.

The album culminates with a mesmeric and cinematic journey in “Pont Louis Phillipe”, that tells the tale of how Joanna’s career in music began; in Paris, in 2008, when she stumbled across a street musician who invited her into his life to sing on the banks of the Seine. The repeated chorus, a whimsical “la di da”, builds into a climax that sends the album off with a celebratory feeling: the closing of one chapter, sure to soon open the next.

  • 1Praying Mantis03:01
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10001
  • 2Killer Whale03:42
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10002
  • 3All In Time05:46
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10003
  • 4Desert Wind (I Would Gladly Choose The Ocean)03:36
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10004
  • 5Uprise Skyward04:18
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10005
  • 6United By The Rain04:31
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10006
  • 7Sometimes I'm Sad For No Reaso04:57
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10007
  • 8One Wish05:29
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10008
  • 9Pont Louis Phillipe06:56
    Music: Joanna WallfischLyrics: Joanna WallfischISRC: DENO2-23-10009
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  • Wallfisch, Joanna
  • Dan Rosenboom
Recording Studio
  • Carbonite Sound, Ojai California
  • Dan Rosenboom
  • Brett Stanley
Cover Artwork
  • Jennifer Bewerse
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