Duo GolzDanilovperpe2um
Release datum:2/17/2023
Label:Galileo Vertrieb

Sören Golz and Ivan Danilov together form a duo of the highest category in the guitar world. The two highly virtuosic guitarists merge into a unity that is really only reserved for brothers or married couples in the world of classical guitar. There are no hurdles in their playing, which they circumvent with questionable, musical stopgap solutions. Their creative power and their stylistic confidence, their highly musical taste and their self-evident technique do not allow the listener to think for a moment that these are petitessen that the duo just interprets on the side. Seriousness, enthusiasm and the will to perfection are their trademarks.

The CD perpe2um contains 500 years of music history and with each composition the listener is transported to the time in which the creators put this music on paper. The duo takes the listener with them and conveys music history and feelings. Starting with the great Brazilian works of Sérgio Assad, Spanish ballet music by Manuel de Falla, cinematic Italian music by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Baroque masterpieces by Domenico Scarlatti and Johann Sebastian Bach, dreamy Renaissance music from England by Thomas Ford and Giles Farnaby, virtuoso variations by Beethoven admirer Vinzenz Schuster and spectacular Balkan music by Dusan Bogdanovic. And as a gimmick, there is Kool & The Gang - "Celebration" on the occasion of the 10th stage anniversary of the still young duo. GOLZDANILOV demonstrate also in this song, which is actually really far from the concert guitar: we are the "gourmets of the guitar". The listener gets with this recording a listening experience for two guitars that is absolutely "Outstanding" in this quality. More quality, more perfection in sound is hardly imaginable on two guitars.

  • 1Jobiniana No. 105:25
    Music: Sérgio AssadISRC: DENO2-22-92231
  • 2Mr. Southcote’s Pavan and Galliard (arr.for 2 Guitars by Robert Brojer): Pavan02:17
    Music: Thomas FordISRC: DENO2-22-92232
  • 3Mr. Southcote’s Pavan and Galliard (arr.for 2 Guitars by Robert Brojer): Galliard02:07
    Music: Thomas FordISRC: DENO2-22-92233
  • 4The Well-Tempered Guitars: 24 Preludes and Fugues for 2 Guitars, Op. 199: Prelude in B Major01:32
    Music: Mario Castelnuovo-TedescoISRC: DENO2-22-92234
  • 5The Well-Tempered Guitars: 24 Preludes and Fugues for 2 Guitars, Op. 199: Fugue in B Major02:01
    Music: Mario Castelnuovo-TedescoISRC: DENO2-22-92235
  • 6Variations on a theme by Ludwig v. Beethoven10:46
    Music: Vinzenz SchusterISRC: DENO2-22-92236
  • 7Três Cenas Brasileiras: Vitoria Regia02:15
    Music: Sérgio AssadISRC: DENO2-22-92237
  • 8Três Cenas Brasileiras: Recife Dos Corais02:17
    Music: Sérgio AssadISRC: DENO2-22-92238
  • 9El amor brujo: El círculo mágico (arr. for 2 guitars by Gruber&Maklar)02:24
    Music: Manuel de FallaISRC: DENO2-22-92239
  • 10El amor brujo: Danza ritual del fuego (arr. for 2 guitars by Gruber&Maklar)03:28
    Music: Manuel de FallaISRC: DENO2-22-92240
  • 11„Tell me, Daphne!“ (arr. for 2 guitars by Gerd-Michael Dausend)01:58
    Music: Giles FarnabyISRC: DENO2-22-92241
  • 12Sonata Fantasia10:55
    Music: Dusan BogdanovicISRC: DENO2-22-92242
  • 13Goldberg-Variations BWV 988: Aria (arr. for 2 guitars by GolzDanilov)05:42
    Music: Johann Sebastian BachISRC: DENO2-22-92243
  • 14555 Keyboard Sonatas: Sonata K.14 (arr. for 2 guitars by Sören Golz)03:18
    Music: Domenico ScarlattiISRC: DENO2-22-92244
  • 15Celebration (arr. for 2 guitars by Sören Golz)02:47
    Music: Kool & The Gang (Kool & the Gang)ISRC: DENO2-22-92245
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  • Bach, Johann Sebastian
  • De Falla, Manuel
  • Dusan Bogdanovic
  • Giles Farnaby
  • Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
  • Scarlatti, Domenico
  • Sérgio Assad
  • Thomas Ford
  • Vinzenz Schuster
Country of recording: GermanyC2022 Galileo VertriebP2022 Galileo Vertrieb