RadicantoAlle radici del canto
Release datum:12/9/2022
Genre:World Music/Italien

«History will never stop teaching us the future». This is the motto that for 26 years has been with Radicanto, an experienced band from Bari, Italy, which extends its composition and research activity with this new highly anticipated CD "Alle Radici del Canto". Produced by VISAGE Music and realized thanks to the contribution of Puglia Sounds, this collection of 12 tracks comes from the desire to explore Mediterranean music in the form of acoustic songwriting songs.

Our Cultural, philosophical and historiographic research», as explained by Giuseppe De Trizio , the founder of the band, «has led us to a reworking of our heritage, through new compositions and traditional folk music.». This new "Alle Radici del Canto" is in line with the work Radicanto has done before: an authorial look on a diachronic journey through the musical tradition of South of Italy, Puglia and the Mediterranean sea.

All the songs tell of a frontier land and a land of the sea: songs of water and rural songs on men and women at the edge of different cultures and spaces, when culture is the only antidote to discord and war.

"Alle Radici del Canto" contains music that is a mixture of folk, rock, jazz, songwriting, all focused on vocalism and musical stamps of percussions and musical instruments. The beautiful voice of Maria Giaquinto is joyned by Giuseppe De Trizio (guitar), Adolfo La Volpe (electric guitar and bouzouki), Claudio Carboni (saxophone), Giovanni Chiapparino (accordion), Francesco De Palma (drums, cajon, frane drums), Giorgio Vendola (double bass). Guest singers: Raiz in “Tu sola”, Nando Citarella in “A’ devozione” (as author too), and Stefano Saletti in “Ebla”. The song "Tu sola", composed of Raiz and Giuseppe De Trizio, is the soundtrack to the short film “Destinata coniugi lo giglio” Nastri D’Argento prize 2022 winner. Radicanto are proud of artistic collaborations with some of the leading exponents of theatre and traditional music, but also of author and jazz music, both in cinema and live and recording contests (Teresa De Sio, Raiz, Lucilla Galeazzi, Roberto Saviano).
  • 1T'adore e te rengrazie04:25
    Music: Enzo Del ReLyrics: Enzo Del Re
  • 2Matajola04:38
    Music: Giuseppe De Vittorio/Filippo Deliso/Paolo RaffoneLyrics: Giuseppe De Vittorio/Filippo Deliso/Paolo Raffone
  • 3Trobaras03:33
    Music: Claudio Sanna/Gabriele MauroLyrics: Claudio Sanna/Gabriele Mauro
  • 4Cu ti lu dissi02:48
    Music: Rosa BalistrieriLyrics: Rosa Balistrieri
  • 5Quante stelle nel cielo con la luna05:19
    Music: Lucilla GaleazziLyrics: Lucilla Galeazzi
  • 6Tu sola04:22
    Music: Giuseppe De Trizio/Gennaro Della VolpeLyrics: Giuseppe De Trizio/Gennaro Della Volpe
  • 7Ebla04:26
    Music: Stefano Saletti/Raffaello SimeoniLyrics: Stefano Saletti/Raffaello Simeoni
  • 8Lu furastiero 03:38
    Music: Matteo SalvatoreLyrics: Matteo Salvatore
  • 9Soj ciardine 03:31
    Music: Giuseppe De TrizioLyrics: Giuseppe De Trizio
  • 10A devozione04:46
    Music: Giuseppe De Trizio/Donato Citarella Lyrics: Giuseppe De Trizio/Donato Citarella
  • 11Annobon06:00
    Music: Aldo Romano
  • 12Lu Salinaru01:46
    Music: Domenico ModugnoLyrics: Domenico Modugno
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  • Adolfo La Volpe: Guitar
  • Claudio Carboni: Saxophone
  • Francesco De Palma: Drums
  • Giovanni Chiapparino: Keyboards
  • Giuseppe De Trizio: Guitar
  • Maria Giaquinto: Lead Vocals
Guest musician
  • Nando Citarella: Lead Vocals (Track Nr 10)
  • Raiz: Lead Vocals (Track Nr 6)
  • Stefano Saletti: Guitar (Track Nr 7)