Case KämäräinenMystique from the North
Release datum:11/18/2022
Label:Eclipse Music

Northern mysticism, catchy melodies and free improvisation. Case Kämäräinen releases its third full-length album at the end of August. Recorded in June in Warsaw, Poland, Mystique From The North (Eclipse Music) is out on August 26, 2022 on streaming platforms and as CD in September.

Intuition, which most often guides us in everyday life as well as in other life decisions, is the thread on this album. Kämäräinen approached composing new music by fully trusting his intuition. The style and rhythmic structure of almost every song originated from drum grooves.

For his compositional work Kämäräinen mainly used a British vibraphone from the 60s that he acquired a few years ago, the sound of which he fell in love with. Thus, the harmony and melodies of the compositions got their initial impetus from the free improvisations played on the vibraphone, which he then modified to suit his rhythmic ideas. The band's strong base of free improvisation led Kämäräinen to compose songs in which everyone has room to realize their own vision as a player and thus bring their own handprint to Case Kämäräinen's music. Vibraphonist Severi Pyysalo, who is part of the release tour, will also be able to give his own view of Northern mysticism during his guest appearance.

Northern mystique is strongly reflected in the entirety of the album. It can be heard in the melancholic-romantic melodies and in the soundscapes created by the band. Kämäräinen describes the Northern mysticism in the album's name as nostalgia. After moving back to Finland from Copenhagen after two years of study, he saw his home country with completely new eyes. Just walking in the forest or looking at the lake, let alone the wonderful northern lights of winter or the nightless nights of midsummer, made him quiet and appreciate the diversity and beauty of Finnish nature!

  • 1Mystique From The North06:32
    Music: Tomi Kämäräinen
  • 2Riders03:30
    Music: Tomi Kämäräinen
  • 3A Long Time Ago05:06
    Music: Tomi Kämäräinen
  • 4Cabin Feaver04:25
    Music: Tomi Kämäräinen
  • 5Cowboy05:04
    Music: Tomi Kämäräinen
  • 6Morko05:52
    Music: Tomi Kämäräinen
  • 7Spring05:47
    Music: Tomi Kämäräinen
  • 8Memories Of My Life06:42
    Music: Tomi Kämäräinen
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  • Grzegorz Tarwid: piano
  • Marek Konarski: saxophone
  • Petter Asbjørnsen: double bass
  • Tomi Kämäräinen: drums
Recording Studio
  • Tokarnia 2.0, Warsaw by Jan Smoczynski
  • Michal Kupicz: Mix and master
Cover Artwork
  • Aarni Ylinen
  • Olli “Hude” Huttunen: Cover photography
C2022 Eclipse Music P2022 Eclipse Music