HaydeTanzThe Journey
Release datum:9/16/2022
Label:Galileo Vertrieb
Genre:World Music/Balkan
Based in Graz, Austria, HaydeTanz is a musical bridge between western music, the musical idiom of the Balkan Peninsula and the East Mediterranean area. A unique sound, combining modern harmonies, compositional techniques and sound production with the soul of south-east European and Mediterranean music…defined by the philosophical duality of joy and sadness that is always part of the human experience…sometimes emotional, sometimes mathematical but never forgetting to laugh and have fun! A musical cocktail that speaks directly to the ear, goes under the skin and moves the legs…
  • 1Cengo04:46
    Music: Gökhan ArslanISRC: DENO2-22-90251
  • 2Mirror05:24
    Music: Vasileios NalmpantisLyrics: Benjamin Zhand KlugISRC: DENO2-22-90252
  • 3Second Youth05:07
    Music: Vasileios NalmpantisLyrics: TraditionalISRC: DENO2-22-90253
  • 4Intro Klapotetz01:08
    Music: Benjamin Zhand KlugISRC: DENO2-22-90254
  • 5Klapotetz04:11
    Music: Benjamin Zhand KlugISRC: DENO2-22-90255
  • 6Hergele04:35
    Music: Gökhan Arslan/Vasileios NalmpantisLyrics: Yunus KarabulutISRC: DENO2-22-90256
  • 7The Journey06:19
    Music: Vasileios NalmpantisLyrics: Vasileios NalmpantisISRC: DENO2-22-90257
  • 8Human05:30
    Music: Vasileios NalmpantisLyrics: Gökhan ArslanISRC: DENO2-22-90258
  • 9Galata06:01
    Music: Gökhan ArslanLyrics: Yunus Karabulut/Benjamin Zhand KlugISRC: DENO2-22-90259
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  • Antonis Rouvelas: E-Guitar, Oud, Bouzouki, Vocals
  • Benjamin Z. Klug: Drums, Percussion, Piano, Vocals
  • Christian Menges: Tuba (Tracks Nr 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Gökhan Arslan: Clarinet, Saxophone, Vocals
  • Tobias Weiss: Tuba (Tracks Nr 6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Vasilis Nalbantis: Trumpet
  • Vladimir Vesit: Percussion
Guest musician
  • Yunus Karabulut: Poem Recitation (Track Nr 9)
  • Gökhan Arslan (Tracks Nr 1, 9)
  • Vasilis Nalbantis
  • Vasilis Nalbantis
Country of recording: AustriaC2022 Galileo VertriebP2022 Galileo Vertrieb