BatilaBurning Flowers
Release datum:10/26/2023
Label:Galileo MC
Genre:World Music/Afrika/Kongo

Get ready to embark on a musical odyssey with BATILA, a multi-talented artist of Angolan and Congolese heritage who is reshaping the musical landscape with his distinctive Bantu Soul sounds. Following the resounding success of his debut album, "TATAMANA," released in 2021, BATILA invites listeners on a journey that celebrates a multiplicity of voices and experiences from the African continent and beyond, sonically depicting black love, personal growth, and freedom.

One standout track from the album Tatamana is "BURNING FLOWERS," a delicately crafted melody that centers on love and intimacy, brilliantly capturing the poignant ache of grieving the end of a meaningful relationship. With its evocative lyrics and mesmerizing vocals, sung in a blend of Lingala and English, "BURNING FLOWERS" emerges as a soul-stirring piece that resonates with the ephemeral connections and haunting memories that linger in the air long after a loved one has departed. While the overarching theme of the album encourages us to "hold onto what you love," "BURNING FLOWERS" serves as a poignant reminder of the impermanence of some forms of love. In essence, it becomes a gentle ode to black love that deserves celebration even amidst the grief.

“Burning Flowers
Burn them in the morning
Let them smell the scent of love that was
Now turning into ashes, let them cry with us
Cause I can’t bare the sadness
I don’t want to part”

With autumn upon us, “BURNING FLOWERS” is the perfect soundtrack to our own season of change and metamorphosis.

BATILA seamlessly blends inspirations from congolese sounds and soft jazzy tones, creating a unique sound tapestry transcending musical boundaries to appeal to audiences from all walks of life. His emotive and genre-defying compositions are testimonies to the talent of BATILA, who is a force to be reckoned with in today’s musical landscape.

“BURNING FLOWERS” is accompanied by beautiful visuals shot available for viewing here Burning Flowers

The artist is currently working on his second album, which will lay the ground for collaborations with exceptional artists as well as his beloved audience. The live dates will be announced soon.

  • 1Burning Flowers03:43
    Music: BATILA ANGE COSTA DA / Damian Paul Press / Sebastian Koch / Tunde AlibabaLyrics: BATILA ANGE COSTA DAPublisher: Trixx Verlag / Galileo Music Communication GmbHISRC: DENO2-21-09610
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