Sebastian PeszkoJourney
Release datum:11/4/2022
Label:Galileo Vertrieb
Genre:Jazz/World Jazz
Sebastian Peszko is a multi-genre violist, violinist and composer. His new instrumental album titled "Journey" presents a fusion of different musical styles, mixing Classical Music with Jazz Manouche, Jazz, Blues and World Music. Opening in this way new horizons for the charming sound of the viola, with which Peszko invites his listeners to a musical journey through different epochs, lands and landscapes.
  • 1Dark Gates02:17
    Music: Sebastian PeszkoISRC: DENO2-22-92101
  • 2Farewell to Ireland02:28
    Music: TraditionalISRC: DENO2-22-92102
  • 3Journey05:28
    Music: Sebastian PeszkoISRC: DENO2-22-92103
  • 4To a better World03:00
    Music: Sebastian PeszkoISRC: DENO2-22-92104
  • 5Planet Home03:40
    Music: Sebastian PeszkoISRC: DENO2-22-92105
  • 6Danse Norwegienne03:28
    Music: Edvard GriegISRC: DENO2-22-92106
  • 7Swing 4902:49
    Music: Django ReinhardtISRC: DENO2-22-92107
  • 8Softly as in a Morning Sunrise03:22
    Music: Sigmund Romberg/Oscar hammerstein IIISRC: DENO2-22-92108
  • 9Daniel Across the Ocean03:05
    Music: Sebastian PeszkoISRC: DENO2-22-92109
  • 10Memories05:13
    Music: Sebastian PeszkoISRC: DENO2-22-92110
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  • Filippo Dall'Asta: Guitar, E-Guitar
  • Matan Goldstein: Percussions
  • Niklas Lukassen: Double Bass
  • Peszko, Sebastian: Viola , Violin, Organ
  • Roland Satterwhite: Violin solo on "Planet Home"
  • Peszko, Sebastian
  • Juan Borgatti
  • Daniel Osorio
Cover Artwork
  • Ernesto Lucas Ho
Country of recording: GermanyC2022 Sebastian PeszkoP2022 Sebastian Peszko